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How to Decide if a Job Offer is Worth Taking

Posted on November 2019

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​Turning down a job offer after a long and involved interview process within the German pharma and life sciences sector is a difficult decision to make, but it pays not to be hasty when you are deciding where to spend 40 hours a week of your time.

It is important to find the right fit for you, and it pays to take time to evaluate a job offer before deciding to accept or reject it. You deserve to work in a role which excites you and allows you to have an acceptable work/life balance. While you may be initially excited by a large salary package, it is important to choose a role which will tick boxes beyond the number at the end of your monthly paycheck.

This article lists the top aspects to consider when you are considering a job offer to help you make the right decision when advancing your career in pharmaceuticals and life sciences.

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