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Nine top tips to improve your applications for Clinical Development, Drug Safety and Medical Affairs roles

Posted on September 2022

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CV writing is an art in and of itself and can be tricky. Especially as highly specialized talent professional in the Life Sciences, your CV needs to reflect the caliber of your know-how and experience to attract your next challenge. 

Yet crafting your CV comes with several challenges itself:  

·         How do you handle quick job changes that might give a wrong impression regarding your commitment to a new job?  

·         How long is the ideal CV for professionals?  

·         How do you handle an extensive list of publications?  

·         Which information do you need to include about trial experience?  

·         Which layout and design trends are sensible? 

If you are a Clinical Development, Drug Safety or Medical Affairs professional, handling these aspects correctly can open the door to your dream job. To help you advance in your career, our Vice President Charles Spence has curated 9 key tips in this free CV Masterclass. Download the Masterclass now and take your CV to the next level.

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