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Key Clinical Research Skills and Experience to Emphasize During Interviews

Posted on October 2023

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​Much like the broader life sciences industry, the field of Clinical Research is highly competitive, so it's essential to distinguish yourself from the rest to advance your career. One of the most effective ways to achieve this, especially during interviews, is to emphasize your sought-after Clinical Research skills and experience.

In this article, EPM Scientific provides insights into the key skills and areas of expertise to spotlight in your interviews.

Proficiency in clinical trial design, methodology, and statistical concepts:

Demonstrating a comprehensive understanding of clinical trial design, methodology, and statistical concepts is crucial. Be prepared to explain the different phases of a clinical trial, emphasizing their key characteristics and purposes.

Discuss how you handle incomplete or missing data in clinical trials and the statistical methods you employ for data analysis. Be ready to share specific examples of past experiences where you tackled issues related to incomplete or missing data and your problem-solving approach.

Showcasing clinical expertise

Beyond knowledge of processes, highlight your clinical expertise by sharing how you ensure data quality and integrity in clinical trials, emphasizing your adherence to best practices such as standard operating procedures, data validation, and source data verification.

Provide examples that illustrate your experience, particularly in scenarios with logistical challenges that could impact data purity.

Project management and teamwork

Strong teamwork is essential at all levels of Clinical Research roles, and senior positions also require effective project management skills. Highlight your ability to communicate and coordinate with team members, study coordinators, and investigators during clinical trials.

Describe your experience in managing study-related logistics, such as patient recruitment and scheduling. Be prepared to discuss how you've managed teams faced with various challenges in time-sensitive projects.

Emphasizing soft skills

Soft skills, including communication, collaboration, attention to detail, and problem-solving, are highly valued in Clinical Research. Provide specific examples that demonstrate your ability to communicate complex ideas effectively, especially to non-scientific audiences.

Showcase instances where you successfully managed multiple projects concurrently, ensuring timely completion, and highlight times where you used your collaboration and problem-solving skills to generate positive outcomes.

Critical thinking and decision-making

Critical thinking and decision-making are foundational in Clinical Research roles. Convey your proficiency in analyzing observations and data to make informed decisions.

Prepare for questions about how you've addressed errors in research or data, and explain your approach. Be ready to discuss how you would handle adverse events in a clinical trial, emphasizing participant safety and study integrity.

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