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Transitioning from a Full-Time Position to a Contract Role in Life Sciences

Posted on October 2023

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​An increasing number of professionals in the life sciences industry are choosing to transition from permanent roles to contract positions, enticed by the potential for higher earnings, the opportunity to become self-employed, and greater flexibility. While the allure of these benefits is undeniable, it's a transition that requires careful consideration and planning for success.

In this article, EPM Scientific explores some of the reasons behind the trend of life sciences professionals moving into contract roles, and offers valuable guidance for a successful transition.

Why choose a contract role?

Permanent roles offer job security, attractive benefits, paid annual leave, a sense of belonging, and avenues for career growth, making them appealing to many. However, contract roles present unique advantages that may entice individuals in the life sciences industry to pursue this path:

  1. Contract roles offer the chance to acquire diverse skills in shorter time frames.

  2. They often provide greater flexibility in work schedules.

  3. Contract work allows professionals to engage in various life sciences sectors and other industries.

  4. Although contract roles lack benefits, they often come with higher salaries.

  5. Contract roles enable individuals to experience different company cultures and assess long-term compatibility.

  6. Contract positions typically have faster interview processes.

  7. Contract work offers opportunities to expand one's professional network.

Guidance for a successful transition

Transitioning from a permanent role to a contract position in the life sciences field is a significant change that requires careful planning to ensure success. Follow these steps to facilitate a smooth transition:

  1. Strategic Planning and Financial Management: Take time to plan your next move strategically by assessing your financial situation. Understand your income and expenses, as you will be responsible for managing your finances as a contract worker.

  2. Continuous Skill Development: Stay updated with industry developments and maintain your skills through reading industry news, attending webinars, and participating in networking events. Focus on gaining in-demand skills and experience for future roles.

  3. Personal Brand Building: As a contract employee, consistently market yourself with every new role application. Consider how you present yourself to potential clients and your professional network, emphasizing your strengths, value, and unique qualities.

  4. Networking Power: Cultivate your professional network, as it can provide guidance, open doors to opportunities, enhance your reputation, and elevate your profile. Engage in both offline and online networking opportunities.

  5. Specialist Talent Partner Support: Decide whether you want to specialize in a particular area or remain a generalist. Explore the variety of available roles and compensation rates. Seek assistance from a specialist talent partner like EPM Scientific to identify suitable opportunities and secure ideal contract roles.

Find your ideal role

Facilitate a seamless transition from permanent to contract roles in the life sciences industry by finding the right opportunities. Discover top contract positions with EPM Scientific by registering your CV or exploring our available contract roles.

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