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Bringing Your Company to Life, Virtually: How to Remotely Onboard New Talent

Posted March 2020

In Germany and all over Europe, many businesses in the Life Sciences industry are facing major changes. These are unprecedented times and it's difficult to know what the "right" thing to do is. Although there is less physical presence, there is a massive increase in medical care, and remote working.

If you are a hiring manager and you've put a lot of time and effort into securing a business-critical hire, you don't want to lose them. You need someone to start now but you can't physically be there to onboard them. How can you ensure they have a positive experience of your company and help them transition back to the office when everything returns to business-as-usual?

We have put together this guide on how to onboard remote employees to help your organize and plan a comprehensive onboarding program.

This guides includes:

•Actionable advice on best practices for onboarding

•How to build a company culture remotely

•How to transition a new hire back to the office

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