QP Opportunities in Germany

Are you a Qualified Person certified to work in Germany? We are working with multiple companies who hold strong and respectable reputations within drug development.

Here at EPM Scientific, we understand that pressures on life science professionals have increased dramatically due to the global pandemic. The role of a QP has never been so vital and valued and we are seeing a high demand for this role across Germany.

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided many QP's the opportunity to expand their portfolio, and reputation, to include a search for a vaccine. We are also searching for passionate professionals who are looking to work with unique products.

If you are curious about this opportunity, and ready to work on a new exciting project, submit your contact information below and our specialist recruiter, Sebastian Adams will reach out to you.

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Sebastian Adams
DACH Quality Assurance Pharma/Biotech at EPM Scientific.
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